Ricardo Melo

Fixing the World, one weird bug at a time!

As a technologist I've been working on / with a wide range of technologies and platforms from low level hardware programming to web platform building, keeping as goal helping people reaching their objectives!

Part of my day job tasks involve setting the technological direction, align technical solutions with the business needs and coach resources to perform at their best.

Backed by more that 15 years experience in designing and managing a wide range of platforms and applications, I'm used to put the hat of CTO, Project Manager or System Architect.

Out of my "day" job you may find me on the local user groups (especially around PHP and Linux), currently on Dublin, or spending quality time with my family.

I'm addicted to solving new problems and finding new solutions to old ones, working with cutting edge technologies whenever possible. I’m pragmatic, straight to the point, and all about building strong, robust, fit-to-the-problem solutions using the best suited technology.

You can get in touch, even just to say Hi!

Hope to chat with you soon!